WELCOME to Family Fun Dog Shows in Kent!



THE ENTRY FEE: Pedigree/Obedience/Handling £1.50 per class.
Novelty £1 per class.
 All dates have been confirmed for 2014 with an extra show at Cliffe (outside) as part of their farmers market. It looks like a VERY busy year !!
 The show will start at 10.30 with registration from 9.30. (please note you can register at ANY time during the day for those events not yet taken place).
Bad weather arrangements for outside shows. Please call from 6am 07774 619019 to confirm if show is going ahead in the event of bad weather.
No on line entries will be accepted in the future unless with payment due to the number pof no shows taking a great deal of time and inconvenience to all.

Our dog shows are great events for you, your family and of course your wonderful dogs. Offering great prizes, but above all else FUN for the family.




Our PRIMARY objective is to raise as much money as possible for charity.

We believe that our exhibitors have the right to expect a well run show, whether pedigree or novelty which is judged fairly, knowledgeably  and without bias. We do NOT have raffles !! We believe a show, if run smoothly, should last from start to finish six hours and preferably five, irrespective of the size of entry thus both the exhibitors and dogs benefit from not having to wait for long periods of inactivity.

We believe, where possible, in giving small trades the opportunity to display and sell their produce.


We are currently inviting selected trades to have stands at our shows. In keeping with the holistic nature of our main sponsors dog food we hope to have up to 10 artisan producers at most of our shows. From the wonderful Jams, Preserves and home made Quiches offered by Faversham Jams to fresh bread, eggs etc.

We do NOT charge a pitch fee but ask  for a small donation to  charity. We will shortly be having a page on our web site which will give full details of the companies attending.

If you have-or know anyone who has a trade that would fit our ethos-please call 07774 619019 to discuss-ask for Joy.

NEW FOR 2014.

We will be running 27 shows in 2014 ! Our CORE shows are Sevenoaks (3) Victoria Gardens-Broadstairs (3) Minster (3) and Viking Ship (3) plus other venues as listed.

For those entering AND PAYING on line-20 bonus points. For those entering 10 or more classes-60 bonus points (both of these are per dog).

Each dog will be given a DOG OF THE YEAR number which will stay with them throughout the year thus enabling points to be allocated quicker and more accurately.

PLEASE support our trade stands which will include Jams, pickles, hot CREPES, sweets, dog related toys and brushes.

Eye4Image will be attending to take photos which they offer on their site at HALF PRICE.They are one of our main sponsors-PLEASE support them


As responsible breeders, we believe in putting something back in to the dog world whilst benefiting the dogs and handlers that take part giving them and their families a great day out with their best friends !

Aidens Labradors.